Circle M Farms
216 Menscer Dr. Hope Mills, North Carolina 28348
(910) 423-3867

Manure Compost & Hay

Our Manure compost is a huge composted pile of horse manure mixed with pine shavings that has been composting for at least a year at any given time. Many of our customers mix the compost with soil or plant it directly into the compost creating raised beds. This is great for gardens, lawns, and flowerbeds. Our pricing includes loading the manure and it is sold by the pick-up truck load. We can load dump trucks as well. 

Circle M Farms also has high quality alfalfa hay for sale at all times. We bring our alfalfa or alfalfa mix in from out west. The bales typically weigh 50 to 60 pounds per bale and have a good amount of leaf. Price varies by the truck load.. We can typically service large orders.


Pick up truck load : $30 per axle

Dump Trucks: Call for pricing